ancient_ruins_by_meisl-d60em32.jpgThe main city of the game setting.

Atoyatl was founded by a noble family that fled the earliest conquest of the burgeoning Empire. For the past few centuries Atoyatl was a free city that traded with the Ocean Folk, the Peninsular Folk and the various states which are now part of the Empire.

Recently, Atoyatl’s outlying region was destroyed during a conflict between The One God and The Many. This catastrophe created the Gamble and has wreaked havoc on the sustenance, economy, population and politics of Atoyatl. The Empire is slowly building a presence in the city, while the duke and his court attempt to deal with the influx of refugees and maintain their independence.

All the while the Empire is building a road nearby, through the Gamble, to bypass Atoyatl and push on into the lands of the Peninsula


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