Burning Tz'am

Session 1

Blue light special! Broken Slaves!

Muata Howahkan, Temeco the Coatlman and Zapata Durruti were walking through the streets of Atoyatl when they came across a group of slaves being led towards the Imperial Church Mission, or so they assumed from the presence of the accompanying Imperial Priest. One of the slaves fell and was beaten into unconsciousness. The overseer sent the body back to feed the beasts.

Temeco decided to rescue the slave, offering to purchase him from the guard. While at first refusing, he was finally persuaded to sell the injured man to them. They had him carted back to Zapata’s cottage. Along the way they noticed they were being followed, and when Muata knocked an arrow and cleared the streets, they realized it was the overseer following them. He wanted them to return the slave. Upon refusing, the overseer took a good look at them and left.

While Temeco ministered to the injured man, Muata and Zapata went to case the Mission site, considering how best to sabotage it. All was well until Zapata’s cousin, Francesca Della Porta, spotted Zapata on her way back to the Mission. She confronted him, asking him his business there. After claiming he was waiting to meet a friend, she left him to return to the Mission at which point Zapata and Muata hit the road.

Later, all 3 went in search of a bounty hunter contact of Muata’s to track down any info regarding the Holmek clan, the slaver’s who took Muata’s sister. The contact told them that no Holmek were in town, but they could be found at the Massive Shackle tavern, when they were in Atoyatl. The group went to check the Shackle anyway, confirming that no Holmek were present. We leave them there…



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